Working Process spmpl tech


Meeting :- Being on the initial stage, we impart a lot of liability on both the service provider and the customer, who take the benefit of the desired service. Project meetings assist in the communication of the project. Testing can accompany or follow the web development and design phases according to the model employed for the development of the website.
Planning :- We frame a strategic plan to keep things managed and logically organized. We create a brief Project plan, SRS (Software Requirements Specification), and other important documentation. It majorly comprises the procedure we will follow, resources assigned for the successful accomplishment of the task, and the tools/technology we will employ in the execution of the test. Make sure those keep a consumer or client satisfied.
Design and execution :- we design a project skeleton with a complete process, quality factors, and other requisites norms for success/achievement. Our dedicated and skilled Testers execute the test cases to check the functionality and behavior of your software or website. This process is intended to check whether its current functionality meets the expected functionality. Depending upon the test plan, manual or automation testing is performed to report all distinct bugs, defects, and errors found in your mobile or web applications.
Testing :- Testing seems to be a never-ending process as we can never satisfy ourselves fully. Every time, we all put our best efforts to expand and enhance our services. But, to make your websites live to get exposure from end-users, we have to wind up this process. This phase signifies that the test has met its exit criteria.
Now, after the successful completion of all these phases, you can own a bug-free application and make your end-users content with a flawless digital experience.
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